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Carriacou meaning "Land of Reefs" in Arawak Indian, is the largest island of the Grenadines and a member of the island nation of Grenada.
Carriacou has a population of around 8000 inhabitants, with approximately 600 people living it's largest town, Hillsborough. Carriacou is a yachting heaven and a diver's paradise. It has beautiful multi-colored sandy beaches that you will often have to yourself and natural harbours with panoramic views over the northern Grenadines. The air temperature is typically 30°C (88°F) and the water temperature ranges around 27°C (82°F). The dry season is from December to May and the rainy season June to November. Even during the rainy season showers fall for less than 10 minutes before the sun returns. Carriacou is in the Atlantic Time Zone, one hour ahead of US Eastern Time and four hours behind GMT. Voltage is 220 volts - 50 cycles. English is the official language.
Let your feet feel the warmth of the white beach sands, your palms and wrists be cooled by the crystal clear sea and have your spirit lifted by the gentle tropical breezes. See the splendid breathtaking views from the harbours and mountains or explore the quiet underwater world with miles of preserved coral reefs inhabited by colourful and plentiful marine life.